The ideal board for breakfast or brunch! The Brunch Board includes smoked salmon, smoked whitefish, tomatoes, capers, sliced red onions, cucumber, sliced radish, hard boiled eggs, lemon wedges & microgreens. 

The Brunch Board

  • Pricing does not include flat delivery fee. See FAQ's for more delivery information.

    Handmade wooden cheeseboard is yours to keep! 

  • Our boards are designed to serve as "heavy appetizers". If you anticipate using a board as a full meal, we recommend choosing a board one size larger than you otherwise would. 

    Small: Serves 6-8

    Medium: Serves 8-10

    Large: Serves 10-15

    Extra Large: Serves 15-20

    If you are serving more than 20 people, please place a custom order. 

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